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Navigating ESG disclosure frameworks

Download our whitepaper "Navigating ESG Disclosures: A guide to selecting the right ESG framework for your objectives"

December 20, 2023

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Navigating Sustainability: Lessons from Patagonia's Supply Chain

The fashion brand Patagonia has emerged as a sustainability trailblazer in the industry...

April 18, 2024

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How businesses can benefit from AI for carbon accounting

AI is emerging as a dependable solution that transforms carbon accounting, offering enhanced accuracy...

April 9, 2024

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How can we help you navigate your sustainability journey?

Why our customers choose Zuno Carbon as their end-to-end ESG solution

Zuno Carbon's compliance with GHG protocol and ISO14064

Compliant with GHG protocol and ISO 14064

Zuno Carbon's integration for real time data update

Powerful integrations for real-time data update

Zuno Carbon's comprehensive emission factors database

Comprehensive emission factors database

Zuno Carbon's sustainability expert value proposition

Sustainability experts support at every step

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