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How a carbon intelligence platform can help your sustainability journey

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What is a carbon intelligence platform?

A carbon intelligence platform is a solution that allows you to gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s carbon footprint or carbon emissions.

Why is it necessary?

A good carbon intelligence platform can provide you with insights on carbon-heavy areas, allowing you to optimize operations, reduce your footprint, and report on your emissions data.

Carbon accounting vs carbon intelligence: what’s the difference?

Carbon accounting

The process of carbon accounting allows you to take stock of all your carbon-emitting assets (also known as carbon inventory), and how much carbon each asset is emitting based on the activities that happen within it.

An example of an asset is an office building, and an example of an activity within it is electricity required to run the air conditioning.

Carbon intelligence

While carbon accounting is a necessary first move, carbon intelligence takes a step further to provide actionable insights.

For example, a carbon intelligence platform should tell you the emission breakdown across Scopes 1, 2, and 3. A good platform can also inform you of hotspots based on location, assets, GHG pollutants, or others.

Explore Zuno Carbon as your carbon accounting and intelligence platform

Our carbon intelligence platform features

Reduce data calculation and analysis time with the help of AI

Our AI-driven auto-matching feature helps you save countless hours trying to match every data point to the right emission factors. Available for English and most Southeast Asian languages.

Zuno Carbon's emission factors auto matching with AI screen
Zuno Carbon's emissions data upload screen

Collect data in real-time and gain insights from multiple sources at once

Skip the manual data entry by integrating your existing enterprise systems to collect and calculate emission data within Zuno Carbon's platform.

Manage access, set up a secure server, and view audit trail easily

Upload data from your own safe server. Access and share platform data with auditors and certification bodies for seamless collaboration and compliance.

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Benefits of using our carbon intelligence platform

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Gain actionable insights on your business' carbon footprint

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Identify  hotspots based on scopes, assets, and activities

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Comprehensive emission factors database for accuracy

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Sustainability experts service at your fingertips, at every step

Hear from our customers

Alan Wong
Chief Financial Officer - Olive Tree Estates

Zuno Carbon assisted us in calculating our baseline carbon footprint for Scopes 1 to 3 for Singapore and our associate projects in Vietnam. Their platform allows for the data collated and emission factors to be transparent and accessible for ongoing tracking. The Zuno Carbon team has been very organized and professional.

Ysabela Narvasa
ESG Associate - Wavemaker Partners

I would definitely recommend Zuno Carbon. GHG Reporting is new to us, but using the platform has been seamless and intuitive.
Since the start, the team has been completely on top of the project. My confidence in working with the Zuno team comes from their awareness of capacity and value for credibility.

How can we help you navigate your sustainability journey?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a carbon accounting platform?

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A carbon accounting platform is a software tool or system designed to measure, track, and analyze an organization's carbon emissions and environmental impact. It helps businesses monitor their carbon footprint across various operations. These platforms often provide data visualization, reporting, and insights to support sustainability efforts and compliance with regulations.

What is a carbon management platform?

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A carbon management platform is a software solution designed to help organizations effectively manage and reduce their carbon emissions and overall environmental impact. These platforms typically offer features such as carbon footprint tracking, emissions reporting, scenario modeling, goal setting, and action planning.

What does carbon intelligence do?

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Carbon intelligence refers to the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data related to carbon emissions and environmental impact. Carbon intelligence platforms or systems help businesses and organizations understand their carbon footprint, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to reduce emissions and operate more sustainably. By providing insights into carbon emissions across various operations and activities, carbon intelligence enables companies to set goals, track progress, and implement strategies to mitigate climate change and achieve environmental sustainability.

How much does a carbon intelligence platform cost?

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The cost of a carbon intelligence platform can vary greatly depending on the user organization’s size, number of carbon assets to be taken into account, amount of data to be process, level of support required, and many other factors.

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Why our customers choose Zuno Carbon as their carbon intelligence solution

Zuno Carbon's compliance with GHG protocol and ISO14064

ISO27001 certified, ensuring data safety and security

Zuno Carbon's integration for real time data update

Guidance by our team of sustainability experts

Zuno Carbon's comprehensive emission factors database

Platform integration for real-time data updates

Zuno Carbon's sustainability expert value proposition

AI-assisted workflows to reduce manual processing


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