carbon management made easy with Veridis

Zuno provides end-to-end carbon management solutions that helps organizations measure, offset, and reduce emissions by integrating across your business value chain to collect activity data. Powering you towards your sustainability goals, one step at a time.

What we do


No more stale, outdated data for emissions reporting. Stay on top of your organizational emissions in real-time with our AI-powered emission tracking capabilities


Streamline compliance and disclosure reporting with Veridis. Generate reports across 5+ frameworks and compare across them with the click of a button


Make data-driven decisions to your value chain. Our AI engine forecasts emissions and identifies cost-effective measures to improve your organizations sustainability

Industry Agnostic Solutions

Climate change is not an industry specific problem, and when it comes to taking action – every bit counts.

We provide versatile and affordable solutions to monitor, track, report, and reduce emissions across a multitude of industries from Oil & Gas to Financial Services.

Begin your journey towards affordable, sustainable, cloud-based AI solutions with us today.

Our Products


Your organization’s operating system for sustainability. Veridis provides an uncomplicated end-to-end carbon management system that helps to account, offset, and track your carbon footprint.

Compliance monitoring simplified. is a zero-hardware Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) that provides high accuracy measurements at a fraction of the cost of traditional CEMS solutions.

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