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AI powered updates on the Zuno Carbon platform

April 10, 2024

At Zuno Carbon we work closely with our customers to make sure our platform is constantly evolving and improving. Recently, we have introduced two new AI powered features to improve the accuracy, speed and reliability of ESG data.

Auto matching of emission factors

AI Emission Factor matching

 With multiple emission factor databases and many data points, selecting the correct emission factors for your activities can be a difficult task when undertaking carbon accounting.

Our new AI powered feature will automatically suggest the most relevant emission factor for each data point you have uploaded, based on emissions activity and your asset location. Not only does the feature have the ability to work in multiple South East Asian and East Asian languages, but you also have the option to fine-tune a pre-selected emission factor and personalize it to your needs.

Using AI to auto match emission factors helps reduce calculation time for platform users, as they don’t need to spend time searching through databases to find the correct emission factor. It improves the accuracy of the data produced by selecting the most relevant data point from multiple emission factor databases.This update will ensure customers have a seamless experience on our platform and increase the reliability of the data produced.

Data extraction from uploaded invoices

Extract data from invoices

For companies handling large quantities of data, extracting the correct numbers from bills and invoices when reporting carbon emissions can be a tedious task which is prone to human error.

Our new update will allow you to process the data from jpegs and pdf invoices more easily. This new AI powered upgrade allows users to upload their invoice before the platform scans, extracts the correct data and uploads it to the relevant area of the tool ready for analysis. Once uploaded the data is easy to edit as needed, before continuing with emission factor selection and emissions calculations.

The ability to extract data from uploaded invoices helps reduce any instances of human error and improves the speed of data collection when undertaking carbon accounting.

If you are interested to find out more about these features and how we can help you with your carbon accounting and ESG needs, get in touch today at

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