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ESG report collaboration on the Zuno Carbon platform

April 30, 2024

The ESG reporting process often requires multiple teams and stakeholders to advise on, complete and review the relevant reports. It can be difficult to streamline this workflow, and it often results in information being lost or requests not being followed up on. As a result, we have rolled out a new feature on our platform which enables users to collaborate on ESG reports. It allows teams to communicate easily to ensure efficient workflows when undertaking sustainability reporting.

During the ESG reporting process, the new update allows users to tag colleagues and leave in-line comments to share observations or ask questions. For example, say an employee is compiling an ESG report under their chosen framework, they can leave a comment to the data owner asking them to review their numbers or clarify any pain points with their supervisor. The relevant colleague will then receive an email notifying them of the comment to ensure a timely reply.

By facilitating better collaboration on our platform, our customers can enjoy a smoother and more streamlined ESG reporting experience. No matter the size of the team, this new update will ensure that feedback isn’t missed, and team members can get answers to their questions via a centralized system to avoid loss of information or misinformation.

comment and tag colleagues with Zuno Carbon

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