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Measure, analyze, report and reduce your emissions with our comprehensive carbon management system that seamlessly integrates across the value chain

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Data-Driven Carbon Management

The journey to Net Zero is complex. Make data-driven decisions to decarbonize your business with our end-to-end carbon management solution that covers scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions on a single platform.

Quick and informative view of your organization's Carbon Footprint.

Tailored for your ESG needs, start as you are and grow as your capabilities mature.

Benefits & Features

Simplified end-to-end Carbon Accounting 100% Compliant with GHG Protocol
Streamlined and Verifiable Data Collection
Veridis integrates across all your enterprise systems to gather data on emissions activities and calculate their impact
Access and Share Platform Data and Tools
Maintain transparency to auditors or certification bodies about emissions factors, calculations and target setting tools with ease
Seamless Integration Across the Value Chain for Automated Lifecycle Tracking and Analysis
Access Data Across The Value Chain
Know not just where your raw materials come from and where your product waste goes, but more importantly, the environmental impact of every step in the value chain
Exhaustive Catalog of Emission Factors
With 5,000+ unique emissions factors, Veridis can track your emissions profile and identify areas for improvement, so that you can work towards sustainable products and services with net zero targets.
Generate Comprehensive Reports Compliant with Global and National Standards in Minutes
Support for a Multitude of Protocols and Formats
Report using frameworks including GHG Protocol, TCFD, SASB, GRI, CDP and more. Analyze your results and derive valuable insights into your operations, comparing across protocols and formats with a simple click.
Instant Report Generation
Generate reports for any time period live, without having to wait for the end of a reporting cycle
Forecasts and Recommendations to Help Your Sustainability Goal
Powerful A.I. Engine
Our A.I. performs scenario analysis to help your organization project environmental impact, course correct and commit to Net Zero goals.
Tailored Sustainability Roadmap
Build an effective step-by-step strategy to Net Zero with science-based targets to begin your reduction journey

Case Studies

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Assisting the Transition to Renewable Energy Projects

  • In line with GHG Protocol standards, Veridis facilitated the performance tracking and compliance reporting of greenhouse gases for all scopes, including 9 out of 15 Scope 3 categories, the most complex scope to track.
  • Our reporting and disclosure of data insights align with major ESG and sustainability frameworks such as TCFD, CDP, GRI SASB etc. to ensure the company meets the gold standard for reporting.
  • We ran various forecast models under IEA and IPCC scenarios to project environmental impact and course correction recommendations to achieve science-based sustainability targets and commit to Net Zero goals.
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Producing Supplier Emissions Data for Customers

  • To assist their customers that needed to submit TCFD reports, a local crane and vessel company used Veridis to gather supplier-specific emissions data.
  • Through Veridis, the company was able to conduct performance tracking and compliance reporting of the necessary greenhouse gases from the GHG protocol, across all operations of the company and its assets.
  • All reporting and disclosure data insights were aligned with major ESG and Sustainability frameworks such as TCFD, CDP, GRI, and SASB.
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Comprehensive Carbon Management on A Seamless, Integrated Platform

  • Veridis was integrated with building automation systems and access logs to obtain usage, occupancy and utilities data.
  • Based on specific activity data, the company was able to account its scope 2 and 3 emissions, then generate supplier reports aligned with global reporting framework standards, such as TCFD, GRI, etc. Moreover, Veridis generated AI recommendations on how the company could reduce its environmental impact and continue to perform scenario analyses that ensures their asset is on track with organizational goals.
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Tracking end-to-end Carbon Footprint of Construction Projects

  • Veridis was integrated with fleet management, project management, financial accounting, and other data sources to obtain activity data regarding a construction project.
  • Scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions were accounted for across the value chain, including from the procurement of materials and operation of equipment to waste management.
  • Total emissions for the project was forecasted in realtime, alongside carbon offsets recommendations for the footprint to be reduced to the target value— real-time insights translated to actionable insights.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is activity data so important in Veridis?

Using activity data instead of financial accounting data allows you to calculate your carbon footprint with more accuracy and granularity. Using activity data also allows for better insights and AI assisted reduction recommendations, e.g. optimizing boiler operations to maintain throughput with lower emissions.

What standards or formats for reporting does Veridis support?

Veridis most standard frameworks and guidelines including - GRI, CDP, TCFD, SASB and more.

What happens if reporting guidelines change? Do I have to redo all my reports?

When there are changes to reporting - guidelines, (e.g. IPCC, GRI, etc) the reports generated by Veridis will be updated so that there will be no need to redo reports from the user end.