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Track and Report your carbon footprint across all scopes, operations, and assets in a single platform.

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Account for Scope 2 and 3 emissions

Gather scope 2 and 3 emissions data about your buildings and assets from across your supply chain at every step of the life cycle

Automatically consolidate data

Instead of manual data collection, integrate disparate and discontinuous activity data from building systems and logs on a single platform

Generate emissions disclosure reports

Instantly create reports backed by data from your customized dashboard to maintain accountability to your stakeholders

Build your Emissions Reduction Roadmap

Receive the best solutions to lower the carbon footprint of your operations with our A.I.-powered recommendations

Track sustainability progress

Perform scenario analysis to ensure your assets are on track with organizational sustainability goals
Real Estate

Case Study

Building Owner


A startup incubator wanted to begin their sustainability journey with actionable changes to their office building. They wished to lower the carbon footprint of their co-working spaces, event venues and facilities, so as to visibly inspire the startups they were supporting to be changemakers and trailblazers as well.


They wanted to keep up with changing ESG trends but did not know where to start, as building systems and logs contained overwhelming disparate and discontinuous data that obscured the path to action.


Veridis was implemented to help them monitor their emissions and make cost-efficient carbon reductions. While they did not have extensive monitoring technology with which Veridis could integrate, Veridis was able to cater to their manual entry and bulk upload needs.

The user-friendly interface and consolidation of carbon management processes helped lower the barrier to entry for lowering the building’s environmental footprint.


Accounted for scope 2 and 3 emissions based on activity data

Generated supplier reports aligned with global frameworks like TCFD, GRI, etc.

Generated AI recommendations on how to reduce environmental impact of building

Performed scenario analysis to ensure building was on track with organisational goals