Track and Report your carbon footprint across all scopes, operations, and assets on a single platform.

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Track upstream and downstream emissions

Understand the environmental impact of every step in your supply chain by assets, products and more.

Monitor supplier emissions profiles

Report Scope 3 emissions more comprehensively and make greener decisions in procurement to reduce your overall carbon footprint

Eliminate unnecessary overheads

Reduce hardware maintenance and auditing costs with efficient, Ai powered software

Adhere to compliance monitoring standards

Easily meet fast-changing global and national environmental regulations with the calculation types and methods maintained on Veridis

Showcase sustainability efforts

Display real-time progress about decarbonization efforts and ROI to your stakeholders

Case Study

Polystyrene Manufacturer


One of the largest polystyrene manufacturers in Malaysia needed continuous, reliable and accurate emissions monitoring of heaters used in their polymerization process. They produced more than 200, 000 metric tons of Styrene Monomer per annum and had to meet stringent national regulations.


They were using decades-old hardware-based CEMS that had significant maintenance servicing costs and will need to be replaced in a few years.


Instead of purchasing a new CEMS, they adopted to replace it as the primary monitoring system. is a predictive emissions monitoring system that provides highly accurate and reliable real-time emissions monitoring using cutting-edge neural network models.


Up to $1, 000, 000 in total cost of installing, operating and maintaining hardware-based CEMS by purchasing ownership of

Less than 2% relative accuracy in RATA on all heaters, surpassing national regulations of <20% relative accuracy

Safety risks were reduced as employees no longer had to work from heights or manage hazardous calibration gas bottles

Real-time data eliminated the risk of fines or penalties associated with monitoring downtime