Track and Report your carbon footprint across all scopes, operations, and assets in a single platform.

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Monitor and organize emissions

Break down your emissions across all scopes, operations and assets

Track real-time progress

Calculate the return on decarbonization investments and modify operations in time with the aid of live data

Maintain transparency to stakeholders

In addition to providing accurate emissions data, provide clear audit trails to ensure data integrity that satisfies auditors and regulators

Align reporting with major sustainability frameworks

Easily meet fast-changing global and national environmental regulations with the calculation types and methods maintained on Veridis

Track sustainability progress

Perform scenario analysis to project environmental impact, course correct and commit to Net Zero goals

Case Study

Energy Transition Company


A large oil and gas company needed help tracking their carbon footprint as they transition to renewable energy projects with a granular level of detail.


They needed to streamline data for emissions to answer to their investors. However, they were currently using spreadsheets and hardcopies to keep track of disparate and discontinuous emissions data, which was inadequate to quantify decarbonization progress.


Veridis was implemented to keep track of their emissions profile before, during and after their energy transition journey. As they began new projects and processes, Veridis was able to help them visualize the impact of their transition, thus demonstrating results to investors and stakeholders.


Performance tracking and compliance reporting of greenhouse gases based on the GHG protocol, for all scopes including 9 out of 15 Scope 3 categories

Covered activities ranging from renewable and non-renewable energy plant operations and accounting activities of over 250+ employees.

Aligned reporting and disclosure of data insights with major ESG and Sustainability frameworks

Ran various forecast models under IEA and IPCC Scenarios to project environmental impact and course correct