Your guide to start digital transformation for corporate sustainability

Companies which combine digital transformation with sustainability and ESG strategies are 2.5 times more likely to  perform better than companies which don’t.

Undergoing digital transformation requires a rigorous approach that affects the whole organization. Utilizing the right technology - such as a carbon accounting and management solution - is important to help companies achieve their net-zero emissions target. It also ensures accurate GHG accounting or carbon footprint calculation across Scopes 1, 2, and 3.

We have put together some handy resources to help you navigate your company’s digital transformation and future proof your sustainability strategy.

Future-proof your sustainability strategy with digital transformation

Our whitepaper takes you through the stages of digital transformation step by step to maximise your sustainability efforts

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The digital transformation roadmap for sustainability

Deep dive into each of the points above by downloading our latest whitepaper below

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How your sustainability efforts can benefit from digital transformation

Streamlined data processing

Improved data management

Real-time data monitoring

Customized reporting

Transform your sustainability journey with 70% funding support

Zuno Carbon is a pre-approved sustainability solution under IMDA’s (ADS) scheme to support the digital transformation for Singapore.

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How can we help you navigate your sustainability journey?

Why our customers choose Zuno Carbon as their end-to-end ESG solution

Zuno Carbon is an end to end ESG solution that helps empower an organization's sustainability reporting. With comprehensive scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions tracking, we help companies undertake carbon accounting, measure their ghg emissions and navigate their path to net zero.

Zuno Carbon's compliance with GHG protocol and ISO14064

Compliant with GHG protocol and ISO 14064

Zuno Carbon's integration for real time data update

Powerful integrations for real-time data update

Zuno Carbon's comprehensive emission factors database

Comprehensive emission factors database

Zuno Carbon's sustainability expert value proposition

Sustainability experts support at every step

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