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4 Unique Carbon Footprint Reduction Solutions

October 25, 2021

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In the face of climate change, many companies are trying to implement global change. The world’s leading companies claim to be hyper-focused on sustainability, but companies are often not aware of their operations’ comprehensive environmental impact – and therefore cannot set appropriate sustainability targets. Many businesses have no way of measuring their carbon footprint, and there are so many studies out there that it can be difficult to discern which ones are the most accurate.

Here are 4 popular ways that companies are ensuring their carbon footprint remains as low as possible:

1. Work From Home

Although the pandemic may have initially been the reason for working from home, it ended up being an incredible way to reduce emissions. Minimizing transportation to and from the office is an immediate way to decrease carbon footprints.

2. Efficient Energy

Even for companies that work in-office, there are still ways they minimize their carbon footprint! One of the easiest answers lies in minimization and awareness. For instance, when employees are not in their offices, they can turn off all the lights in offices that aren’t being occupied. Or, at the end of the day, switching off all the computers and workplace technology makes a large difference.

3. Smart Shipping

Due to the rising cost and emissions that come with international shipping, many businesses are switching to local shipping. Companies are changing their supplies to local whenever possible, which naturally reduces pollution and cost.

How Zuno Carbon can help you

Zuno Carbon provides a comprehensive ESG management platform for all your needs. The platform facilitates corporate performance and compliance reporting of greenhouse gases based on the GHG protocol allowing for easy auditability and transparency. Essentially, it allows enterprises to run various forecast models to project their environmental impact and course correct accordingly in order to achieve sustainability targets. With this product, your company has a secret weapon to uncomplicated ESG management.

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